Fundraising ideas

Custom Team Shirts


Designing custom t-shirts with a platform like for your sports team is the perfect way to raise some support!

Look for a top t-shirt printing platform that offers flexible options for designing, printing, and offering your custom shirts to your supporters. For instance, Bonfire offers several methods:

  • Place a direct order of your shirts, then sell them at your games.

  • Create an online campaign page for your fans to order their own shirts.

  • Set up a fundraising page for fans to order shirts and make donations.

Create the perfect design featuring your team’s colors and logo or mascot. Next, choose how your team would like to offer your shirts to supporters. Get your community excited and raise more support with custom tees!

Fitness Classes


This might be among the easiest team fundraising ideas out there!

Popular activities and subjects for fitness classes include:

  • Yoga

  • Weightlifting

  • Running

  • Dance

  • Wellness and exercise

Chances are your whole team, or at least one member is well-practiced in one of these activities and would be willing to lead a course to raise funds! Partner with your local gym, park, or community center to reserve a space to hold your fitness classes.

Then, decide if your class will be one-time or part of a multi-week course. Promote your classes to your network of support, making sure to post flyers and invitations wherever interested people might see them. Charge a registration fee, then get started sharing your fitness knowledge with the community!


99 Pledges Hit-A-Thon


Click the link ( and check them out. Their online resources make fundraising easy to organize and track.

How a Hit-A-Thon works: The team sets a date, time and location for a hit-a-thon (aka home run derby). A couple weeks ahead of time, players will ask friends, neighbors, relatives to pledge a certain dollar amount per hit they get at the hit-a-thon. For example, Aunt Barbara pledges $20 for every hit that Thomas gets. At the hit-a-thon, he launches a whopping 10! Aunt Barbara then writes a nice $200 check to Thomas’s team. Always invite supporters to come out and watch the hit-a-thon to see what they’re  pledging on.

Kids Summer Camp

*most popular


Hosting your own sports-themed day camp for kids on summer break is one of our top team fundraising ideas for a few reasons:

  • Parents will love the chance to keep their kids busy and active.

  • Your summer camp can be as simple or as extensive as you want.

  • Your own facilities or a public park are cost-effective settings.

  • Your teammates are ready-made volunteer coaches and wranglers.

All types of local, intramural, and school sports teams rely on kids summer camps for annual support!

Plan well in advance to ensure you’ve got all your details covered. Think of some additional ways to get more of the community involved, too.

Food Truck Partnership


Here’s another effective (and very simple) team fundraising idea! Reach out to a local food truck and strike a deal for a percentage fundraising partnership.

These kinds of partnerships are a mainstay in the fundraising world because both sides benefit. Food trucks, for instance, would love the opportunity to find new loyal customers in your team’s regular crowd of spectators. Pizza, tacos, and burgers are all popular classics, but don’t be afraid to find a completely unique partner, too!

If your team plays at a public park or school campus, be sure to check with the management of your game facilities before inviting a food truck.

Coordinate a booth


Sell items at local tournaments or big events, like water bottles, face-painting, sports drinks, etc. You can coordinate your rotating volunteer schedule, so parents or student athletes know when it's their turn to help.

Hold a clinic

Have your team put on a clinic for young players who will pay to attend. It not only raised funds but garnered community support and enthusiasm for their team.