Where will our players eat lunch and dinner?

Your trip coordinator will provide a list of restaurants near your hotel.

Can a bus be made available to take us to a restaurant, church or community service?

Our per person costs include all anticipated and agreed upon games, practices and excursion costs. Any other transportation requests are charged, additionally, per trip.


What if there is a medical emergency at the game or hotel?  What if one of my players becomes ill and needs an outpatient service. 

We have trainers on staff for games. If there are any issues, we have a contracted concierge doctor on call to assist with emergencies.  The best hospital in Puerto Rico and the best children’s hospital in the Caribbean is within 15 minutes of our host hotels.  Should there be an emergency at the playing facility, we accompany the player to the hospital and assist with any follow-ups. 


We have had a few injuries and a dismissal from the team and three athletes aren't joining us now. Will this cost be refunded since we aren't using the hotel rooms, etc.?

Any cancellations within 45 days of arrival may be held liable for all or part of the individual cost.


If we wanted to film, would there be an area that we could set up?

We live stream or record all events but you may film, should you desire to do so.


How will we get from the airport to the hotel and where should we meet that transportation once we have our bags?

We're right outside of baggage claim with a Puerto Rico Clasico sign waiting to take you to your hotel.


Do we need to bring a full med kit or will your trainers supply tape, wraps etc.?

We provide trainers at all games and they have medical kits, tape, and wraps.


Where should I send my stat crew and word rosters for our games?

Please email all stat crew information to puertoricocollegesportstours@gmail.com and cc' jrcaamano.stats@gmail.com. Your games stats will be sent your designated email address at the end of the game. 


Do you have a recommendation of how much to budget for lunch and dinner per person? 

Many of the fast-food and local restaurants are comparable to the states. Students can budget $12-13 per lunch and $15-20 per dinner (tax and tip included).


How many minutes ahead of our practice and time do we need to be ready and waiting for transportation?

We ask teams to be downstairs 5 minutes before departure. Depending on the distance, we generally schedule teams to depart a half hour before for practice and an hour and a half-two hours before games.


Is live stream available for our games?

We strive to provide live stream at our events and are usually able to do so. If there are bandwidth and/or internet service issues, we record all games and can provide a copy upon request.


How far are the games and practices?

Without traffic, our venues are no more than a 30-minute drive from the hotel.


When is our final balance due?

Final balances are due no less than 45 days prior to your arrival.


Do you offer parent and fan packages?

We offer parent and fan packages for some of our events. If they are offered for your event, we notify you by email with fan package options. Parents and Fans can register and pay via our website. 

Here's the link for our fan packages: https://www.puertoricocollegesportstours.com/fanpackages.


Where can we get transportation to see another team play?

There are 24-hour taxi cabs available at our host hotels.


How do we arrange community service while we’re in Puerto Rico?

Please email us at puertoricocollegesportstours@gmail.com in order to arrange community service.


Can we get a copy of our games?

If you’d like a copy of your games, please provide an SD-HD memory card or external hard drive to the camera operator prior to each game.


Do you have information on local churches nearby?

There are several churches (Catholic, Non-denominational, Baptist) within a 15-minute drive of your hotel. We do not offer transportation but there are taxis available right in front of your hotel and upon request 24 hours a day.