We look forward to your arrival to Puerto Rico. By now, you should have sent us your T-shirts sizes and a cell phone number for the primary trip contact. AT&T & Sprint work the same as the states here in Puerto Rico but Verizon can be spotty at times and there have been a few complaints about T-Mobile (roaming fees, etc).


Upon arrival, please send a text message to your primary trip coordinator to let us know that you've landed. If you can't reach us, no worries, we keep track of your flights so we'll know you're here.


Your airport pick-up


A member of our staff will be right outside of your respective baggage claim and will coordinate your designated bus pick-up. Your room cards should be ready but we will also be on hand to assist with room check-in. Let them know your team name or the name of your head coach.


Your itinerary and bus pickups


 The time that is reflected on your itinerary is the time of departure to your games, practices, and excursions. Feel free to take some time with one of our trip coordinators to ask about your itinerary, hotel and the surrounding area.